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BREEAM 2011 – 2014 Comparator

With the formal launch of BREEAM 2014 approaching fast we anticipate that many assessors and design teams will have been asked to confirm the impact of assessing potential projects under the new scheme.

To help compare the potential scores under BREEAM 2011 and BREEAM 2014 we’ve developed a handy comparator tool which you can access HERE.

This allows you to:

  • Enter your target credits under BREEAM 2011
  • Obtain an ‘equivalent BREEAM 2014 score’
  • Target additional credits to increase the BREEAM 2014 score if required
  • Download a handy summary report

The tool is free to use, we don’t keep your data and we don’t even ask for your contact details. So you’ve no excuses to not give it a go!