BREEAM 2018 New Construction BRE Event, London – Our Notes!

We updated you all on the big changes to the BREEAM New Construction scheme after it’s official launch by the BRE at Ecobuild earlier this year. There was an update event held by the BRE in London on Wednesday 2nd May which went into a bit more depth on the changes to the scheme. We went along so you didn’t have to, and here are the highlights:

  • Man05 commissioning is now a minimum standard for an Excellent rating.
  • There is a new exemplary credit available under hea01.
  • Natural ventilation credit has been removed, parts of this have been included elsewhere in the assessment.
  • Weather files required to be used for hea04 have been updated.
  • Ene03 has updated luminous efficacy requirements.
  • Drying space has been removed as a standalone credit and incorporated into ene08.
  • Slight update to wat01 benchmarks.
  • Wst02 has been changed as wasn’t necessarily producing sustainable materials or methods in the 2014 scheme. It now incorporates a wider range of aggregates and uses.
  • The route 1 ecology checklist must be completed by a member of the design team, as they will have a greater deal of knowledge of the site. Assessors are not allowed to complete the checklist.
  • Pol02 benchmarks are now based on new EU directive, and the requirements will depend on whether your project is in a high or low pollution area, as the focus has shifted to local air quality now.

The 2018 New Construction scheme is live on Trackerplus and ready to use!

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