Early Concept Design Stage Credits in BREEAM NC 2018

Those of you who have been keeping up to date with the changes that the new BREEAM 2018 New Construction UK scheme brings have most probably noticed that there is a great deal more work involved, especially if you are targeting those higher ratings. In addition, we’ve also noticed that there are a lot more requirements this time around to obtain evidence by the end of the Concept Design stage!

To help ensure that you don’t miss out on any of these credits (as you really won’t want to) we’ve put together a list of those here:

  • Man01 (credit 1) – project team roles and responsibilities need to be confirmed by end of Concept Design
  • Man01 (credit 2) – ensure all relevant third party stakeholders have been consulted on the project
  • Man01 (credit 3) – appoint a BREEAM AP to oversee design
  • Man02 (credit 1) – Undertake outline elemental life cycle cost analysis
  • Hea02 (pre-requisite) – a site specific indoor air quality plan has been produced
  • Hea06 (credit 2) – A suitably qualified security specialist (SQSS) conducts an evidence based security needs assessment (SNA)
  • Ene01 (credit 2) – a preliminary design workshop is held with the relevant members of the design team on energy performance
  • Ene04 (credit 1) – passive design analysis is carried out and measures implemented which result in a meaningful reduction in total energy demand
  • Ene04 (credit 2) – an LZC (low zero carbon) feasibility study establishes the most appropriate recognised local LZC energy source for the building
  • Ene07 (credit 1) – client engagement determines occupant requirements and defines the laboratory performance criteria
  • Tra01 – a travel plan needs to have been developed with involvement of the client or occupier of the building
  • Mat01 – initial LCA of the major building elements needs to be carried out. This then needs to be updated at Technical Design to maximise credits awarded
  • Mat03 (credit 1) – a sustainable procurement plan needs to be in place
  • Mat06 (credit 1) – identify opportunities (with appropriate measures investigated and implemented) to optimise the use of materials in building design, procurement, construction, maintenance and end of life. This needs to occur at every RIBA stage
  • Wst01 (credit 1) – if demolition is occurring, then a pre-demolition audit needs to be carried out
  • Wst05 (credit 1) – conduct a climate change adaptation strategy appraisal for structural and fabric resilience
  • Wst06 (credit 1) – a building-specific functional adaptation strategy study, which includes recommendations for measures to be incorporated to facilitate future adaptation
  • Le02 – project team liaise and collaborate with representative stakeholders to identify and consider ecological outcome for the site
  • Le03 (credit 1) – construction programme is provided early to ensure disturbance to wildlife is minimised.

For some of these credits, you likely will need to appoint the help of professionals which you may not have worked with before. Our Tracker Plus Directory may be able to assist: http://www.directory.tracker-plus.co.uk/